Kenneth Purfey

Ken has been featured on the John Lehrer News Hour and the Oprah Show for his outstanding lifetime achievements - Located in San Jose, CA

Meet kenneth purfey,  B.Eng, MBA, CITP, CFM, CFP, FCPA, CFS, CFF, CPA


KENNETH J. PURFEY is a builder of companies and has over 35-years of executive financial experience mostly in Fortune 200 firms.  The bulk of his functional expertise is in the fields of Finance, Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Wall Street Capital Markets, and International Corporate Finance; and secondarily in Strategic Management, Compliance, Accounting, Budgets, Tax, Stocks, Bonds, and Personal Financial Planning. He is also an Anti-Fraud Expert.


In the last 15 years, Ken has been the Chief Financial Officer of four Hi-tech and computer Information Technology companies, a Partner at a Sarbanes-Oxley firm, and Chief Executive Officer of a Bio-tech company. He has started up 70 other companies as a Consultant to others. In his career, Ken has been a key player in the consummation of 72 acquisitions totaling over $15 Billion, and has consulted on Mergers as large as $7 Billion on Wall Street. Ken has held the positions of Chairman, President, CEO, CFO, VP-Finance, Treasurer, Controller, and Director of Mergers & Acquisitions working for a wide range of companies. Ken’s career has taken him all over North America, including Dallas, Anchorage and Prudhoe Bay Alaska, San Francisco, Cleveland, Houston, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and San Jose.  Ken’s Alaskan experience enabled him to work on the Trans Alaskan Pipeline and in March of 1979 to become the first documented CPA of any nation to reach and stand at the North Pole!

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